Adept Information Technology

Adept Information Technology is closed for Business

As of July 1st 2006, Adept Information Technology will no longer service Business or Home clients; which includes on-site service, hosting and support. Some time ago, Adept IT became more of a side-business for me and I have been gradually ramping down the business over the past 2 years due to other commitments, and the costs of running this business.

Good News

The good news is once all hosted clients are moved to the new web / email server, you will get your hosting free of charge. This is a *non* supported service, if it breaks, I'll fix it I'm sure, but there are no service or support offerings for this service. Also, one day I might stop offering this service (You'll be notified). If you are uncomfortable with this, you are welcome to move to another host, and I may even help you do it free of charge. Also, you now get cpanel access and have more control over your services.

What about support services for UNIX/Windows/Linux? Joshua Clulow, of JMC Tech will take over this work from me. I am good friends with Josh, and he is welcome to call me to get background/assistance in regards to your system and server configurations as necessary. Just to clarify, Josh is excellent at his work, he is very switched on and I recommend him to you highly.

I have a domain purchased through you, and I need to renew it

A few things have happened. Distribute IT changed the way they do their business, and if you received an email which claims to be from "" in regards to your domain being up for renewal, I recommend you transfer it to Netregistry. Select "Transfer domain" and they should do most of the work for you and give you instructions on anything you may need to do.

The reason I make this recommendation is so you can manage the domain yourself, else you'll have to pay me, and then I'll have to pay distribute IT, and I'm not really up for that.

What are the settings for the new web/email server

username: assigned to you, you would of received this in an email
password: as per the username

Please ensure your name servers for your domain as follows:
Name server 1:
Name server 2:
This ensures your website will stay up if I happen to turn off the old DNS servers.



What will you do with Adept IT now?

I'm starting to work towards making Adept IT a technical resource, if for no one else, for me. If anyone else chooses to use it, thats up to them :). I will focus on writing tools and documents relevant to System Administration and other interesting technical things as I see fit/feel like it/have time.

You can see the beginnings of this, with tools I am writing at

Also I will continue work on other projects, such as a new web site I have started for Clayton Pyne Racing - Clayton is Racing in the Fujitsu V8 Supercars this year, check it out.